Icon Source + The NIL House & Brinx.TV

A groundbreaking partnership has been formed between Brinx.TV a hub for all things NIL founded by John Brenkus, and Icon Source, the industry leader in NIL deal-making.

Icon Source, founded by Chase Garrett in 2018, has streamlined the process of connecting brands and athletes for sponsorship deals. “The NIL House” is a popular sports program featuring the best collegiate athletes and the hottest deals and headlines in the NIL sector.

With this partnership, Icon Source will sell sponsorships for “The NIL House,” creating unparalleled exposure and value for brand partners and student athletes. The collaboration between these two companies creates a megaphone for the most powerful NIL deal-making kingdom in the world, and their integration has immediately validated and accelerated the NIL business.

How can brands leverage this partnership?

Brands can utilize Icon Source’s open-source platform to directly connect with athletes for sponsorship deals, allowing for streamlined communication and faster deal-making. Icon Source’s platform eliminates the need for intermediaries and traditional agents, which can result in a faster and more cost-effective process for both athletes and brands.

By working directly with athletes, brands can create more authentic and meaningful partnerships that resonate with consumers. Additionally, Icon Source’s integration with Brinx.TV creates a unique opportunity for brand exposure and value, reaching a large and engaged audience of several million every week.

This partnership allows brands to tap into the growing NIL sector and connect with student-athletes who have a significant social media following, creating even more exposure for the brand. Overall, utilizing Icon Source can provide brands with a streamlined and efficient way to create exposure for their brand through authentic and meaningful partnerships with athletes.

Ryan Burt
Throughout his career, Ryan has demonstrated a remarkable ability to identify market opportunities and create innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of customers. He is deeply committed to product development and has a keen eye for optimizing user experiences.

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