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Best Practices for Companies Wanting to Sponsor Athletes

The world of all things NIL contracts and college athlete endorsements is shiny and new.  For those who don’t know (but if you’re a sports fan, we don’t know how you couldn’t), back in July of 2021 legislation passed in the US at a national level leaving it up to the states to fully legalize […]

How to Use an Athlete to Promote Your Brand

Even though it isn’t that old of a concept, brand marketing through athletes sometimes feels like a tale as old as time. From Michael Jordan’s transcendent shoe phenomenon, to the love story of Nike and the Williams sisters circa 2003, these powerful brand partnerships have come to define more of what we know about these […]

Both Brands and Athletes Can Make a Profit on Instagram — Here’s How

It really did feel like it was overnight, but over the course of 12 years, Instagram went from hosting one picture of a puppy to a platform that generated $24 billion in 2020, with countless more generated because of companies and individuals seeing the platform’s existence and popularity as a business opportunity. And right they […]

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