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Do Not Sleep on LinkedIn For Athlete Marketing

When you think of athlete influencer marketing, the first social platforms that come to mind are probably Instagram and YouTube. Maybe Facebook, Twitter, and now TikTok as well.  Odds are that you didn’t think of LinkedIn. And why would you? LinkedIn doesn’t crack the list of top five influencer marketing channels. But the networking platform […]

Why TikTok is The Best NIL Sports Marketing Tool 

If you’ve never heard of TikTok, you’ve been living under a rock. Smashing records for most downloads of a social app in a quarter, the app now has one billion active users all over the world. It rests in seventh place for the most-used social site, which is unbelievable considering it took Instagram six years […]

How Athletic Endorsements Can Prepare College Athletes For What’s Next

The world of college athletics is still reverberating with excitement and opportunity since the NCAA’s rule changes making it possible for athletes to sign NIL deals and profit off of their own image. This new frontier of influencer marketing is still in its infancy, but nevertheless, brands and athletes alike are jumping on the opportunity […]

High School NIL: Where it’s Legal, and What it Means for High School Athletes

Kids these days seem to just be getting older even quicker now, don’t they?  In the wake of the new NIL laws, that’s not a completely misplaced feeling, seeing as high school kids as young as 16 are signing significant business deals with companies wanting to sponsor athletes.  And this is all thanks to legislation […]

How One Campaign Can Change Your Business

In 1994, inventor and home electronics manufacturer Michael Boehm created a prototype for an invention he believed would revolutionize the grilling game. Originally titled the “Short Order Grill,” this angled cooking device simultaneously seared both sides of a piece of meat while allowing excess fats and oils to drain off of the cooking surface. The […]

“I’m Not Social Media Famous, Why Will Brands Want to Partner With Me?”

A phrase we are sure many an athlete has uttered, especially in the wake of the recent NIL laws that have gone into effect in various states allowing college athletes to accept social media endorsements from corporate brands.

How NIL Has Paved the Way for Athlete Micro-Influencers

This past November, Shuckin’ Shack Oyster Bar revealed that they were jumping into the world of NIL for college athletes. The company took to Instagram on November 19, 2021, to announce its sponsorship of NC State gymnast Nicole Webb. Over the next several months, Shuckin’ Shack announced more sponsorships, building a team of student-athletes that […]

Best Practices for Companies Wanting to Sponsor Athletes

The world of all things NIL contracts and college athlete endorsements is shiny and new.  For those who don’t know (but if you’re a sports fan, we don’t know how you couldn’t), back in July of 2021 legislation passed in the US at a national level leaving it up to the states to fully legalize […]

How to Use an Athlete to Promote Your Brand

Even though it isn’t that old of a concept, brand marketing through athletes sometimes feels like a tale as old as time. From Michael Jordan’s transcendent shoe phenomenon, to the love story of Nike and the Williams sisters circa 2003, these powerful brand partnerships have come to define more of what we know about these […]

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