State of Ohio NIL Laws: What College Athletes and Sponsors Need to Know

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Introduction to The State of Ohio NIL Law

Gov. Mike DeWine signs executive order allowing college athletes to profit off of name, image etc.


On June 16, 2021, the Ohio Senate unanimously voted in favor of Senate Bill-187, a bill attempting to bring the state of Ohio even with the 22 other states who have NIL bills already passed and slotted to go into effect. The bill was brought to the House of Representatives on June 24, 2021 and passed. The bill entered into law July 1, the same date as seven other US state NIL bills.

This bill allows Ohio university student-athletes to profit off of their name, image, and likenesses. Student athletes can profit off of their NIL by participating in anything from sponsored social media posts, third-party endorsements, to making personal appearances. However, the Ohio NIL law and each individual Ohio university have their own specifications and restrictions as to how student athletes can take advantage of their NIL.

Unique Provisions of The State of Ohio NIL Law

While in the House of Representatives, Bill 187 had a unique amendment introduced by Rep. Jena Powell (R-Arcanum). The amendment prohibits transgender women from competing on women’s sports teams. This amendment was quite contested, but the bill ultimately passed in a 54-40 vote.

Less contested is the provision similar to many other state NIL bills that student-athletes may not enter into deals with any company that sells tobacco, nicotine, or marajuana products. They may not endorse gambling or sports betting entities either. The State of Ohio NIL Law is a means of staying competitive in the collegiate sports environment, but the details surrounding the implementation of these changes at a Federal level are still unclear. Bill 187 speaks to the necessity of a bill passed at the Federal level in order to ensure these state laws are uniformly enforced. Until then, state legislatures set the precedent. Nevertheless, Ohio universities are preparing for this legal shift and have developed their own programs to set rules and regulations in place to protect and govern their athletes.

Because of the wide range of specifications for each Ohio school, here is a guide for both student-athletes looking to connect with a potential affiliate, as well as businesses looking to endorse student-athletes, organized by school.

Ohio State University and the Ohio NIL Law

Source: Ohio State Buckeyes

Ohio State University has been an ardent supporter of this change in NIL legislation from the beginning. Ohio State head football coach Ryan Day even testified in front of the Ohio Senate, favoring the bill’s passing.

And the reality of the new Ohio NIL law is that many students who are on partial scholarships will now have another way to pay for their schooling and other student expenses. Ohio State’s athletic director Gene Smith points out that everyone talks about OSU’s star football and basketball players, but the university has over 300 student-athletes, and many of them are going to have a much easier time paying off student debt because of the Ohio NIL law.

As stated by the bill signed by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, Ohio State University is obligated to allow student-athletes to obtain professional representation. That means athletes are free to sign with agents who then work with brands to secure sponsorship deals for student-athletes, and companies are also free to strike deals with agents. With an increase in bandwidth for student athletes to take their NILs into their own hands, companies and brands can connect with student athletes in new ways. IconSource is a great example; it is a platform and consulting tool for agents to use to help their student athletes connect with businesses, and for businesses to seek out and contact these agents directly to begin a partnership, no extra steps required.

What Ohio State University Athletes Should Know About the Ohio NIL Law

Ohio State University, like many other universities, has partner programs to provide their students with educational resources regarding the new NIL law and how to properly take advantage of their name, image, and likenesses.

These programs are administered by OSU’s Eugene D. Smith Leadership Institute and partners with key university stakeholders to establish a strategy to maximize the amount of value they can provide for Ohio State University student-athletes.

Furthermore, all Ohio State student athletes must participate in five educational sessions before the advent of every school year in order to get caught up on all things NIL.

The resources provided by THE Platform are a great start to help Ohio State student-athletes seize their newfound NIL sovereignty. In order to proceed and connect with businesses directly on a safe and secure online platform, athletes should consider utilizing IconSource. We can put you in direct contact with brands that are interested in partnering with you, and you with them.

University of Cincinnati and the Ohio NIL Law

Source: Cincinnati Enquirer

University of Cincinnati is very supportive of the new Ohio NIL law, and some of their athletes have already struck up deals in the wake of the new legislation.

Desmond Ridder, UC’s senior quarterback, has already signed a deal with digital collectible company Candy Digital. UC men’s basketball guard Jeremiah Davenport has signed a deal with The Job Center, giving them 20-30 hours of his time over the course of a year in exchange for $3,000. UC women’s sprinter Caisja Chandler also recently signed a deal with The Job Center as well.

If you’re wondering “how can my company partner with a University of Cincinnati athlete?”, look no further. IconSource can help you sponsor University of Cincinnati athletes to maximize your brand exposure and reach your target audiences.

What University of Cincinnati Athletes Should Know About the Ohio NIL Law

The University of Cincinnati has a NIL education program as well. As the leading marketing Name, Image, and Likeness readiness program, Icon Source along with the universities educational sponsor, will empower Bearcats to take full advantage of their NILs in the coming years.

The University of Cincinnati has also partnered with Empower, a national creative media agency in Cincinnati that will provide group educational sessions as well as one-on-one training in brand building for select UC student-athletes.

As influential as sports icons are, it is important for University of Cincinnati athletes to know their worth and the power of their voice before capitalizing on their NIL. These education programs aim to give these students the knowledge they need to make the best decisions about their futures and partnerships. Once appropriately informed, platforms like IconSource seek to make it easy for athletes to connect directly with businesses in a safe and secure online marketplace.

Miami University Ohio and the Ohio NIL Law

Source: College Football News

Miami University Ohio has not responded publicly since the Ohio NIL law went into effect on July 1. However the university is feeling right now, they must legally let their student-athletes enter into deals with companies that want to partner with MUO athletes.

IconSource is the best way to get in direct contact with a Miami University Ohio athlete who would be a great partner for your company. If you have a specific athlete in mind, IconSource can help connect you with them. The easiest way to do that is to contact us.

What Miami University Ohio Athletes Should Know About the Ohio NIL Law

Miami University Ohio has been largely silent on if they plan on responding to the new Ohio NIL law by creating an educational program to help Miami University Ohio student-athletes understand the benefits of their Name, Image, and Likenesses.

With that in mind, it’s important that MUO athletes know the best NIL practices to ensure they’re operating within the law. Whether an athlete is simply looking for free gear or a way to make some extra cash, or if they’re looking to turn their personal brand into a long-term business, there are opportunities to do both.

Icon Source can help connect athletes to the brands they know and love, while also showing them other opportunities to get the most out of their NIL. If you’re an athlete looking for sponsorship, or if you’re just interested in learning what is out there, contact us to learn more about the State of Ohio NIL laws and how they could benefit you.

University of Toledo and the Ohio NIL Law

Source: Toledo Blade

University of Toledo is aptly preparing its student-athletes for the implications of using their newfound NIL sovereignty. Hoping to ease any concerns present amongst University of Toldeo athletes and their families, they held a webinar, ‘Countdown to Lauch’, on July 15 to prepare them for the upcoming school year and the changes that would be instantiated.

Several University of Toledo athletes already have endorsements; most of them coming from Barstool Sports. If your company is interested in partnering with a University of Toledo athlete, then IconSource is the place to go. An online marketplace for athletes to find brands, and for brands to find athletes, we will help you find the right University of Toledo athlete for your company. Contact us today to get started.

What University of Toledo Athletes Should Know About the Ohio NIL Law

The University of Toledo Department of Athletics created an education sponsorship program to help educate athletes on their NIL potential for Rocket student-athletes. UToledo will build upon a foundation of resources that will allow their athletes to soar on the newfound wings of their Name, Image, and Likenesses.

These UToledo-provided tools are a great start to help student athletes seize their newfound Name, Image, and Likenesses. But the school has left it in the hands of their athletes to manage their brand and connect with businesses and companies. In order to form partnerships with businesses directly on a safe and secure online platform, athletes should consider utilizing IconSource. We can put you in direct contact with brands that are interested in partnering with you, and you with them.

What’s Next for Ohio NIL Law

Student-athletes, universities, and companies should pay close attention to the continuing developments in both the state of Ohio NIL law and national laws that may be forthcoming.

Additional legislation will inevitably come up as all parties discern what NIL means for college sports and how businesses and brands can be a part of helping college athletes get paid and collaborate with Ohio athletes.

While there remains a variety and inconsistency of laws at the state level, the possibility that Congress may pass federal NIL legislation is also possible. If you’re a student-athlete or brand wondering what all this might mean for you, talk to Icon Source to stay up-to-date with the latest news and ahead of the latest trends.

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