State of Oregon NIL Laws: What College Athletes and Businesses Need to Know

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Introduction to The State of Oregon NIL Law

Oregon Senate passes bill allowing college athletes to earn compensation


On June 29, 2021, the Oregon State Senate and state House approved Bill 5 by 23-6 and 51-7 votes, respectively. This bill on the name, image, and likeness (NIL) law went into effect on July 1, 2021, putting Oregon among the ranks of many other states to pass recent legislation lifting the restrictions on student athletes’ abilities to make money on their name, image, and likeness.

Student athletes can profit off of their NIL by participating in anything from sponsored social media posts, third-party endorsements, to making personal appearances. However, the Oregon NIL law and each individual Oregon university have their own specifications and restrictions as to how student athletes can take advantage of their NIL.

Unique Provisions for the Oregon NIL Law

Unlike states such as California, Oregon is not allowing community college athletes to profit off of their NILs. Since they do not count as a “post-secondary institution of education”, they are outside the scope of effect of the Oregon NIL law.

Athletes are also forbidden from receiving compensation from any post-secondary institution of education itself for the use of their NIL. They are also not allowed to use the products of any of their sponsors during team activities if they conflict with any contracts between the athlete and an Oregon university.

University of Oregon and the Oregon NIL Law

Source: Oregon Live

University of Oregon has a long-standing relationship with Nike, who has paid huge dividends to recruiting and retaining players and therefore is partially responsible for turning its football program into one of national renown. It is quite possible that this partnership will be fruitful for players looking to profit off their NIL.

As stated by the bill signed by Governor Kate Brown, OU has to allow student athletes to obtain professional representation. That means athletes are free to sign with agents who may work with brands to secure sponsorship deals for their clients, and companies are also free to strike deals with agents. With an increase in bandwidth for student athletes to take their NILs into their own hands, companies and brands can connect with student athletes in new ways. IconSource is a great example; it is a platform and consulting tool for agents to use to help their student athletes connect with businesses, and for businesses to seek out and contact these agents directly to collaborate with a University of Oregon athlete, no extra steps required.

What University of Oregon Athletes Should Know about Oregon NIL

The potential for UO athletes to make money during their tenure at the university is huge. To help OU athletes adjust to this change, the university has extended and expanded their partnership with INFLCR, is in the process of designing a plethora of education opportunities, and are partnering with Facebook, alumni, donors, campus experts, licensed companies, local businesses, and more to put resources right at the fingertips of their athletes.

These university-provided tools are a great start to help student athletes seize their newfound NIL sovereignty. In order to proceed and connect with businesses directly on a safe and secure online platform, athletes should consider utilizing IconSource. We can put you in direct contact with brands that are interested in partnering with you, and you with them.

Oregon State University and the Oregon NIL Law

Source: Building The Dam

Oregon State University, much like Oregon University, already has programs and an infrastructure built to help propel their athletes into success. Not only that, OSU has hired former Oregon State running back Steven Jackson to act as a resource for OSU athletes. With a 12-year NFL career, Jackson has plenty of experience growing a brand as an athlete.

Oregon State University seems to be giving their athletes the tools to succeed in their endeavors to capitalize upon their NILs. But what tools are readily available for the companies looking to partner with OSU athletes? For business owners who find themselves asking “how can my company partner with an Oregon State University athlete?”, look no further than IconSource. We can connect you to your ideal brand ambassador and help you navigate the complex NIL waters. Contact us to learn more about your company’s NIL potential.

What Oregon State University Athletes Should Know about Oregon NIL

Before the legislation for the Oregon NIL law had even formally gone through, OSU was already acting to best prepare their athletes for the advent of this huge change. This new program, called “expOSUre”, is a comprehensive educational program for Oregon State University athletes. Built to advance their goal of fostering holistic growth in their student-athletes, this program is essentially just a bundle of all of the resources the school offered before.

This program was built to benefit all 475 OSU athletes on their 17 different sports teams. It will leverage things like the OSU College of Business and the Everyday Champions program, which is a decades-old program meant to prepare OSU athletes for post-graduation success.

Icon Source can help connect athletes to the brands they know and love, while also showing them other opportunities to get the most out of their NIL. If you’re an athlete looking for sponsorship, or if you’re just interested in learning what is out there, contact us to learn more about the State of Oregon NIL laws and how they could benefit you.

Portland State University and the Oregon NIL Law

Source: Portland State University Athletics

Portland State University has not announced how exactly they are changing as a university to accommodate these rules. Administrators have talked about the athletic department building an NIL program, but it remains to be seen.

With that in mind, it’s important that companies know the best NIL practices to ensure they’re operating within the law. Whatever a company is looking for in a partnership with a PSU athlete, they should keep in mind the importance of operating within the law and working with resources that will make finding partnership opportunities as easy as possible.

Whatever your goals, Icon Source can help businesses navigate the tricky waters of working with both athletes and their respective universities. So if you’re asking yourself “how can my company partner with Portland State University athletes?”, then you’ve come to the right place. Reach out to someone today and we’ll answer any of your questions.

What Portland State University Athletes Should Know about Oregon NIL Law

Since the school has not really released any information on how they plan to serve PSU athletes in the realm of NIL, it is of the utmost importance that PSU student athletes seek guidance in properly seizing NIL opportunities.

Icon Source can help connect PSU athletes to the brands they know and love, while also showing them other opportunities to get the most out of their NIL. If you’re a Portland State University athlete looking for sponsorship, or if you’re just interested in learning what is out there, contact us to learn more about the State of Oregon NIL laws and how they could benefit you.

Student athletes already have days full of academics, sports activities, and studying. NIL is only going to add to that list of responsibilities. With Icon Source, student athletes can manage their profiles on a single mobile app—which sends all required reporting data directly to the school, or to the school's desired disclosure software.

Icon Source was founded in 2018 by Chase Garrett, former Athlete Marketing Manager at Red Bull, and is now leading the way in helping athletes make the most of their NIL while also partnering with brands to ensure the creation of mutually beneficial relationships between athletes and companies.

If you’re not sure where to start, contact someone at Icon Source and get your questions answered today.

What’s Next for Oregon NIL Law

Student athletes, universities, and companies should pay close attention to the continuing developments in both the state of Oregon NIL law and national laws that may be forthcoming.

Additional legislation will inevitably come up as all parties discern what NIL means for college sports and how businesses and brands can be a part of helping college athletes get paid and collaborate with Oregon athletes.

While there remains a variety and inconsistency of laws at the state level, the possibility that Congress may pass federal NIL legislation is also possible. If you’re a student athlete or brand wondering what all this might mean for you, talk to Icon Source to stay up-to-date with the latest news and ahead of the latest trends.

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