State of Washington NIL Laws: What College Athletes and Businesses Need to Know

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Introduction to The State of Washington NIL Law

The state of Washington is an anomaly amongst the other universities about which we have written because...well, they don’t have an NIL law in action just yet. There is no impending law in the state of Washington surrounding the legalization of Washington student-athletes profiting off of their NILs until the year 2023.

There is a chance that this date is merely speculative, as many other states have sped up their legislation in response to other states’ legislation. This has created an NIL-legislation domino effect in order to stay competitive with each other, because NIL deals for student-athletes will drive up the revenue for the states in which the athletes attend school.

Despite not having NIL legislation set in stone, universities in Washington have already announced educational programs that will set athletes up for success come the passing of NIL legislation in Washington.

University of Washington and the Washington NIL Law

Source: The Chronicle

University of Washington is WAY ahead of the NIL game.

The university began crafting a comprehensive educational program, appropriately-named Boundless Futures, back in 2018. Seeking to educate their student-athletes about personal, professional, and leadership development, this program has been expanded to cover the new avenues of professional development provided by the possibility of the legalization of the use of NILs in the state of Washington.

Boundless Futures leverages UW’s Foster School of Business, large alumni network, and the Seattle and Pacific Northwest business community in order to put the power of self-growth in the hands of their student-athletes.

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Washington State University and the Washington NIL Law

Source: CougCenter

The most recognizable collegiate athletic brand in the state of Washington is also ahead of the NIL curve. WSU has partnered with the WSU Center for Entrepreneurial Studies and INFLCR to expand the already extensive Cougar Pursuit program for student-athletes to cover NIL-related educational topics.

This program is comprehensive and thorough in that all incoming WSU athletes will be required to partake in a five-week course covering intellectual property, personal branding in the digital world, finance and contracting, and life after sports.

The school is also offering WSU athletes brand-building software through INFLCR, and contract compliance-monitoring technology through INFLCR Verified. WSU athletes have already profited off of these resources, with six student-athletes posting graphics with their thoughts about how they think they will be able to benefit from using their NILs.

Although Washington doesn’t have an NIL law in effect, WSU athletes should be acting now so that they are prepared for coming legislation. For any and all needs related to the use of and capitalization upon an NIL, Washington State University athletes should reach out to IconSource. We are experts at connecting brands with athletes, and would love to work with you to prepare you for success once Washington NIL legislation goes through.

Gonzaga University and the Washington NIL Law

Source: Gonzaga University

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What’s Next for Washington NIL

That’d have to be an actual, tangible NIL Law. It remains to be seen, but recent historical paradigms reveal that you may not have to wait much longer to work with Washington athletes. Stay up to date with the most recent about the Washington NIL Laws at IconSource.

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